About Tessa

Have you ever been watching a movie, and you stare in awe as you witness that ‘main character’ high? The moment when the windows are down and music is blaring as our main character’s head is poking out of the car window and their hair is whipping behind them. Since I first started editing media, my goal has been to emulate that feeling, to turn moments in life into rose colored glasses moments, and through media, find my passion for turning my life into a movie. I live in a family of 7 who places massive importance on cherishing experiences. Whether it was after a 7 hour hike to see the ruins of Machu Picchu, or during a 45 minute campout in the middle of nowhere as our car had smoke billowing out of the engine, I was sure to whip out my camera, to record the memory. Since starting my journey to a degree in digital culture, my work in visual editing primarily began as personal, and I have produced video edits and montages for several trips I have been on which I share on my personal social media. However, I am hoping to begin to take my ‘confetti brain ‘ in full stride, and use my unique ability to create that movie high to begin working towards editing on a more professional level. I have established my foundation to highlight emotion and nostalgia within my artwork, and I hope I can expand on my portfolio to take this concept into a working environment.