Community Guidelines

-There is no Finish Line to learning new things.

This site is meant to be universally welcoming to any and all skill levels of media, yet a common mistake is the discussion that at any point, individuals within the community will be done learning new skills. The curve of learning is an iceberg, with those who are just getting started settling at the tip of the ice berg. Those with years of experience under their belt, who appear to have all the tools in their tool box, have a tendency to miss that there is an infinite amount of information still yet to be learned beneath the surface.

-Give Constructive Criticism to others how YOU would wish to receive it

Following along the lines of the Golden Rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” present comments in a manner that you would appreciate receiving them. Any comments that suggest language feeding into discrimination, personal attacks, or explicit content will be flagged via a community forum report system.

-Appreciate the Community in both Success and Failure

The basis of this community is growth, which often cannot root success unless built off of aspects of struggle or failure. Comments seeming to contrast the root philosophy of this blog domain can be reported. Those comments that are reported multiple times by other community members will be put under review and potentially removed. Profiles can be temporarily banned after receiving flags or reports on multiple comments

-Encourage Creativity!

Creativity foster learning, and learning fosters creativity. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box on posts!