A Human’s Guide to The Great Unknown-For Dummies

To ensure that I play whatever role I can in inching my readers just a bit further into The Great Unknown, I think it’s high time I provide a few tips and tricks that I’ve learned in my own travels through the ever chaotic, but always worth it world of adventuring. So with that being said, and the disclaimers I’m sure I’ll have to put in the finest print hidden somewhere at the very…very bottom of this post, Welcome to:

 A Human’s Guide to the Great Unknown-For Dummies. 

To avoid biting off more than I-or you readers for that matter-can chew, I’ll save the nitty gritty details for a later date. Instead, I’ll first highlight the two most important lessons I’ve learned myself, and now consider important enough to deem the Two Golden Rules of the Great Unknown. If you learn absolutely nothing else from scrolling through this blog of reality checks and sappy remnants of my own nostalgia, take these coins of advice and never let them leave the piggy bank of your own mind. 

  1. You need to get lost to reach the places that can’t be found

My favorite youtube content creator, Valspire Family, is not a channel full of extravagant images, unreal views, or out of country adventures with moments that will have you awestruck. The content is just a guy. A guy and his camera and the Great Unknown…literally. The creator posted a video 1 year ago titled “Finding Happiness in the Middle of Nowhere.” 

The Valspire Family

Valspire is letting you in on the little known secret. The Great Unknown is completely different for everyone. There is no answer, or if there is, finding it? That’s up to you reader. And more often than not, it comes when we are not looking for it. This ‘place’ we find can exist externally or internally. But this golden rule reminds me of my favorite Winnie the Pooh Quote, “doing nothing often leads to the very best of doing something.” Getting lost often leads to the very best of being found. 

  1. You are not required to venture the Great Unknown on your own

In August of 2021, I went on a 9 day road trip with my best friend. The goal was simple. In a little over a week, we were going to take The Great Arches National Park and Grand Tetons by storm. In the span of that week, my best friend and I listened to over 15 podcasts about unsolved murders in national parks (don’t ask for an explanation, I don’t have one), stayed in a Teepee that leaked water the whole night from the ceiling, sat on a cliff overlooking a massive ravine for hours, watched the sunset light the world on fire, and laughed…a lot. I can safely say, I was the happiest i’ve ever been road tripping with my person. Yes, you can learn a lot in the Great Unknown flying solo, but consider finding that person that makes those discoveries even better.

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