Why is Media Creation Critical to Media Literacy?

Media Literacy, according to NAMLE, is “the ability to access, analyze, evaluate, create, and act using all forms of communication.” With this definition of literacy taken into consideration, one must create media in order to evaluate media. As content creators, we are surrounded by a plethora of media that hits us like a brick wall as soon as we log on to the World Wide Web. How we begin to sift through this information widely comes down to media literacy. We consume countless amounts of information, reflect and learn from that information, and from there we define ourselves as a content creator. creating our own unique impression in media, and most importantly, sending messages that as beginner creators we received. In an article titled, ‘Why is Media Creation Critical to Media Literacy?’ the hypothesis that “informed societies are developed through the implementation of informed and accurate media” implies that our actions tend to be influenced by what we read about, videos we watch, or blogs we see on a day to day basis. We begin to define who we are, our morals and points of view off of content that we digest, and when it comes to then speaking out ourselves, the ‘influenced’ becomes the influencer.

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