The VBs Take the World

In order to fully encapsulate just all of the adventures I’ve embarked on in my short 20 years on this planet, I find it only necessary that I explain exactly where my travel bug roots from. Not many people can consider their last name a personality trait. An origin? Yes. A full on characteristic of what makes me who I am? That’s rare. My name is Tessa Van Bussum. And yes, while I am my own person, with my own crazy and unique traits, I have been molded by my last name. The Van Bussum name describes spontaneity. It is the characteristic of big feelings, big personalities, and most importantly, big adventures flying by the seat of our pants.

 A Van Bussum is not afraid to embark on their journey into the Great Unknown, even when they have absolutely no plans or set itinerary. They are scorpion trying, backroads hitchhiking, 3 hour bike riding, fried bread and gelato loving individuals. Every so often, when a group of Van Bussums–commonly referred to as a FamBam–finds themselves in the same new and exciting country, a Van Bussum is a best friend, a number one supporter, a consistent checker of egos. When it comes to a plane ride that lands you in an abandoned airport in the middle of Thailand with absolutely no means of transportation? A Van Bussum sees a comical memory in such moments over a devastating lack of planning. Most importantly, being a Van Bussum means being a family, and family traveling? That’s one of the most rewarding bounds I’ve taken into the Great Unknown.

By Tessa Van Bussum

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